Looking for volunteer djs and dancers for an awesome party!!

On August 16th BEATS FOR LIFE will be throwing a Life Groove party for some awesome young people at Eagle Valley Children’s Home.

We need some dancers  and visual folks (glowsticks??) to dance and laugh with  the folks at Eagle Valley.


“EAGLE VALLEY CHILDREN’S HOME was opened in 1946 at the north end of Carson City, NV. In 1976, Eagle Valley Children’s Home became a fully accredited intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded. In 2004, Eagle Valley Children’s Home designed and constructed a state-of-the-art building on the original site to expand residential and training services to 18 people”.



2 Replies to “Looking for volunteer djs and dancers for an awesome party!!”

  1. will this be during the day? I have a weekly residency here in Reno, but I don’t start until 11pm earliest.
    I’d love to get some more information and help if I’m able!

    1. Hey brotha! I have been super busy trying to get my paperwork for non-profit status. If you can find the time to chat(FB?) we can fill you in on where we are at.

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